Jumat, 18 September 2015

Cafes in Japan This Providing False Wife

Japan is a country that has entertainment and dining tempet like kefe with a unique theme. If you visit Japan, you will find Kace concept that was never found in other countries.

There are Kace cats, goats cafes, Kace vampire, Kace toilet and much more. Uniqueness makes the tourists curious at the same time wonder.

Now, Kace in Japan presents a new concept with a more unique theme. This cafe makes visitors feel the sensation of having a life partner.

There is a cafe called Ore no Yomo, which if interpreted is "my wife". The cafe is located at Higashi Ikebukuro area began crowded with visitors.

As the name implies, this cafe has a complete service. In addition to serving food, you also will feel being at home on serve your spouse.

The waiters are there in this cafe will be your spouse for being there. To visit this cafe is, before you have to reserve a place in advance, then the contents of the complete personal data. So when a visitor comes, he will be greeted by a waiter who seems to be your wife.

The maid will cook and present food to visitors. The cafe is very suitable for those who do not yet have a partner, and an interesting concept of this cafe is the catchphrase. Namely "Once you know what time would come home, tell me dear! I will provide dinner ".

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