Jumat, 25 September 2015

Innovation Smart Home Starter Popular

As the development of the world tekologi, smart home innovations currently being developed by technology companies of the world. The company makes home with advanced technology, so eventually all completely automated and technologically.
The technologies include automatic alarm, the camera is connected, electrical controllers, and others. Has a fully automated home is everybody's dream. You simply use a smartphone to control all parts of the house. It also can do if it is outside the home. To control it you simply look at your smartphone.
Here are some innovative smart home
1. SmartThings. This is made by Samsung startup that serves to facilitate you control anything in your house. Ranging from surveillance cameras, security alarms, to detect the onset of smoke. SmartThing allow you to see what is happening at home when you travel.
2. Nest Labs. SmartThing function is similar to, but to nest labs will provide full HD images up to 1080p. This is startupdai California who recently purchased by Google.
3. Wink. With a wink you able to detect motion sensors, sirens and lambu around your home. Wink will be installed on the door of your house, then Wink will detect if there are thieves or persons unknown. Then wink send a notification to your smartphone. Wink can also be operated in some smartphones.

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