Jumat, 25 September 2015

Melbourne City facts

Initially, the city was named Batmania, but is now better known by the name of Melbourne. On August 30, 2015 last, kora Melbourne celebrated the 180 th anniversary with the theme "Melrbourne Day".
On the anniversary of this city held a national flag raising and holding cultural activities, dining, entertainment, and the arts. The event was presented to the family living in Melbourne. It is also to couples and tourists.
Here are facts about the city of Melbourne
1. Melbourne is one city as a home to the largest population of the Greek language in addition to Europe.
2. zoo in Melbourne is Australia's oldest animal kebin which has been operating since 1862 yahun
3. The tennis ball of Australia produced in this city since 1908 by Dunlop. And this time the Australian Open in Melbourne is one of the four largest in the world Gran Slams tennis.
4. flight recorder or so-called Black Box was first made in Melbourne in 1989.
5. The tramcar restaurant located in Melbourne is the first tram restaurant in the world, in operation since 1983.
6. Tool read blind made first in Melbourne and was created by Milan Hudecak in 1990.
7. For the first ni livable city in the world, who first received the title was Melbourne for 5 consecutive years.

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